Dvir Rozen - Producer, Choreographer and Dancer

A decade ago at the late '90s the breakdance repeated public consciousness after
Decline began following the rise of disco dancing at the end of the '70s.
Dvir Rozen, 17 year-old boy from Netanya city contracted the virus of breakdance and street culture and for over ten years he is promoting and developing the arts of
street culture in Israel.


Significant Milestones in Dvir Rozen Professional Life

Founder and director of "Street Art Production".
one of the first breakdancers in Israel.
Founder and director of "Lions of Zion" breakdance crew.
Professional dancer in sheketak group for four years.
Founder and chairman of the Israeli Breakdance organization (IBO).
Founder of Israeli Parkour Team (IPT).
Producer and founder of "Israel International Street Art Festival".
Producer of the global breakdance competition in Israel - "Battle Of The Year".
Producer of the breakdance competition in Israel - "International Breakdance Event" (IBE).
Creator of the theater performance "Dancing In The Street" for youth against violence.

About "Street Art Production"

Dvir Rozen established "Street Art Production" to provide professional shows and activities of Israeli street art culture. 
We provide unique and original productions from the world of urban movement
that leave audiences open-mouthed, amazed and excited.
We have years of valuable and practical experience in producing custom-made content for commercial, bar mitzvah, street events, as well as stage shows, theater and a wide range of activities for youth. 
We produce events and professional performances in the art of street culture:
Breakdance, Graffiti, Parkour, Rap, Hip Hop, Tectonics, Skateboards, Rollerblades,
Bike Stunts, Fly jumper and more.
Exclusive Shows
CEO | Dvir Rozen
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